Why do Workshops

Workshops by Kay Whitmarsh. How do they work and why are they effective.

Workshops have become an important part of my art. Today I will explain why they are important and what I try to achieve when teaching my workshops.

This year I have been on a mission to create lots of new workshops. The philosophy behind my workshops is to share the skills that I have, first and foremost. I am passionate about everyone being able to participate in creative arts.

How this works

All of my workshops are based on things that I find fun to do myself. They all use various techniques and some internet ‘hacks’ which I have tested to ensure they work well. Many of us try to learn things from the internet, many things fail. I find ideas that I think are interesting and then test them to make sure that they are easy to do, and are effective and low cost solutions. I find most of them require a little adaptation to meet these criteria, then I can teach them to others.

We are often overwhelmed by the choices and ideas that are available on the internet. But many people learn best by being shown face to face how to do things. Part of what I try to teach in my workshops is creative thinking. By this I mean that I try to extend people a little by having a go at something new. I recognise that in some cases this is outside of a persons comfort zone. The benefits of trying new things, even if you fail, is that you will build self confidence, increase self worth and improve your problem solving skills. I provide a safe environment where people can experiment with a new idea and make it their own. My goal is to run one-off workshops where people feel empowered to be able to go away and experiment on their own with their new skills.

The Benefits to you

All of the techniques that I teach I have tested well before hand. This way I can advise on the difficulty of doing the variations that people want to try. I rarely say to anyone, ‘no that will not work’ – It is more likely to be ‘yes you can do that but be aware this may be the result’……. and it may fail but it will also be a valuable learning experience. Many of my failed experiments have resulted in amazing new techniques. Sometimes there may be a few initial failures, but by trying different things we learn things that are unique to us. For me this is the essential essence of being an artist, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, learning the limits and making some amazing things along the way.

Feedback from my workshops are that people find them relaxing, therapeutic and great way to spend some time with friends and learn a new skill. I have found some clients even do multiple workshops as a way of doing some art therapy. Therefore by participating in these types of activities we achieve some time out from our busy lives and a chance to focus on something new.

Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are run regularly at Mclaren Unvaled, 122 Main Rd, Mclaren Vale. Normally the 1st Sat of the month. These are all booked through Eventbrite, just follow the links below.

The next scheduled ones are:

unique handmade mosaic of stingray
  • Sat June 1st 10.30am – 2.30pm Mosaics – General
  • Come and try mosaics, learn how to use tiles, glass beads and other materials to create amazing results
  • No skill level required
  • You can bring a project you have already started.
Handmade Cards
  • Sat July 6th 10.30am – 1.30pm Gel Printing
  • Gel Printing is printing using a gel based pad, and ordinary paints.
  • This is low cost printing without a press and using low cost materials
  • Learn how to make your own gel pad
Mosaic letterbox 3D
  • Sat August 3rd 10.30am – 2.30pm Advanced Mosaics – part of SALA festival 2019
  • Working with tiles on larger projects.
  • Making 3D objects and how to grout them
  • Working with curved objects
  • For people who have already completed a mosaic project
Decorative paper
  • Sun August 11th 12.30 – 3.00pm Paper Marbling and other papercrafts – part of SALA festival 2019
  • Marbling is floating colours on a water-based medium and then transferring to paper items
  • Create cards, wrapping paper, origami papers and boxes or these cute gift bags
Decorative box hand made
  • Sat August 31st 10.30am – 2.00pm Decorative Papercraft and boxmaking – part of SALA festival 2019
  • Learn the basis of how to make a box any size and shape.
  • How to cover and decorate your boxes
  • Other simple decorative boxes and ideas.

Additional Information

More workshops are coming soon. You can also register your interest by sending a message here and I will contact you. I will be doing more mosaic workshops towards the end of the year and also am looking at making handmade paper.

I also do private workshops and these can be customised to your requirements. They are usually held in my home studio. Contact me for further details here


A self employed artist living in idyllic Sellicks Beach in South Australia. Working in fused glass, mosaic, fabrics and printmaking. A variety of art is being sold around Adelaide, online and through exhibitions and workshops. There is a strong link between all art that is created and the natural environment. Having beautiful items in your home will enhance your quality of life and health. Buying local keeps local people employed, supporting artists creates stronger communities.

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