The Turtle

Here are some photos showing how The Turtle was made.

It started with the prepared piece of exterior plywood. The design is drawn on in felt tip pen. Then to make the piece a bit more 3 dimensional, I have added some tile adhesive in a small mound under the shell pattern. This is then allowed to dry completely for at least 24 hours. Then the design is once again drawn onto the dried glue.

The border is always glued on first, then I can begin gluing the pattern on. In this case each small bump on the shell is glued with additional glue underneath the pieces, making the end result quite bumpy and tactile. The rest of the turtle is added, once most of the main shell design is done. Then lastly the background.

Once this has all been allowed to dry completely then it can be grouted, and another piece is complete.


A self employed artist living in idyllic Sellicks Beach in South Australia. Working in fused glass, mosaic, fabrics and printmaking. A variety of art is being sold around Adelaide, online and through exhibitions and workshops. There is a strong link between all art that is created and the natural environment. Having beautiful items in your home will enhance your quality of life and health. Buying local keeps local people employed, supporting artists creates stronger communities.

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