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Home Grain Bakery Exhibition

$180 - 900x600mm Mirror with tile surround on Exterior Ply
$180 – 900x600mm Mirror with tile surround on Exterior Ply

Advance notice that during December I will be having a small display of my work at the Home Grain Bakery, which is located at 13 Coach Road, Aldinga. All items will be for sale and the prices will be the same as the web site. I have not quite decided what will fit in the space there but the blue mirror is definitely going. Come in and have a look at the mosaics and I guarantee that you will be tempted by the tasty goodies that they produce, they are far and away the best bakery, and I have never brought anything I didn’t like, they also do amazing coffee.


A self employed artist living in idyllic Sellicks Beach in South Australia. Working in fused glass, mosaic, fabrics and printmaking. A variety of art is being sold around Adelaide, online and through exhibitions and workshops. There is a strong link between all art that is created and the natural environment. Having beautiful items in your home will enhance your quality of life and health. Buying local keeps local people employed, supporting artists creates stronger communities.

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