My new glass collections are now available. Each item I design is unique and individual. Many design features of my work overlap between all the mediums that I use (glass, lino printing and mosaics).  The same principles of light and colour apply to all my various art works.
All of the glass is handmade by using a variety of kiln fusing techniques. Therefore, each piece is a combination of sheet glass and assorted glass powders. By using coloured powders the designs are fused into the glass and therefore cannot ever fade or be removed.

The glass often behaves in an unpredictable fashion in the kiln, reacting to other glass colours to create different effects. So every time you open the kiln it is exciting to see what has happened.

Detailed designs have been achieved by using stencils or by screen printing with powdered glass. The different textures are then made by varying the temperature and firing cycles of the kiln. Most items require more than one firing to produce the finished items. The finished shapes are achieved by using specially made slumping moulds in a separate final process.

Moonscape glass:

This glass forms circles or holes when the glass contracts in the kiln at a specific temperature. By controlling the thickness of the glass and the temperature, this unusual style of glass can be formed. The Moonscape glass collection includes sun-catchers and bowls.

Glass puddles:

My favourite type of glass, glass puddles are formed by fusing together many layers of coloured glass. These can then be incorporated into other pieces like bowls and platters. I also love them as pendant jewellery.

Lino Prints:

My lino prints are mostly hand coloured with watercolours to bring out the many unique aspects of each design. This way I can create many different artworks using the same design and maintain my principle of creating unique pieces.

All of my work has a strong focus on the natural world and I am constantly inspired by the world around me.


The mosaics are constructed to be hung outside, in a protected site, like a patio or verandah. They are made of durable ceramic tile and mounted onto exterior grade plywood using exterior glues and grouts. Due to the shipping costs they are not available online, but can be ordered as a commission piece. I also have some items available at Bimbo, Norwood. I regularly create pieces for specific exhibitions and also teach mosaic classes.

A selection of glass and prints are available in the store

Handmade Fused Glass Range: Bowls, Platters and Plates, Suncatchers and Puddle Pendants

Outdoor and Homewares: Glass suncatchers, mosaics and fabrics

Lino Prints:Framed and unframed

More information can be also be found on my Facebook page blue dragonfly art

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