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Gel Printing

Explore Gel printing with artist Kay Whitmarsh and see what great effects you can create using these simple techniques

Gel printing explores mono printing techniques using a gel based plate. The great thing about this style of printing is that you can use many ordinary things from around the house. You do not need a press or any specialist equipment apart from a roller and the materials are inexpensive.

There are commercially made Gel Plates available or you can make your own at home. In the photos displayed here I have used a combination of both and the results are pretty much the same.

Materials used

I have used normal acrylic paints for all of the prints pictured here, as they are non-toxic and easy to clean up.

Then I have used a combination of hard rubber printing rollers and very inexpensive sponge rollers. A different roller can affect slightly the texture of the paints when rolled out on the gel plate, but the textures can add to the design qualities.


The designs here have been achieved using stencils, stamps and free drawing on the gel plate.

When using all of these techniques you can vary your finished design by first printing a plain background of colour. Then you can add another layer of stencil. Why not try doing a positive and negative print from the one stencil. I have had some great results from this. Look at all the variations here from just one stencil.

Stencil cards by gel printing
A series of cards all using one stencil

The paints blend easily on the gel plate to give you a graduated background of colours within your design. Personally I have had lots of fun experimenting with stamps and this opens up a whole new world of colour, as we are used to using a single colour stamp pad!

Many of your designs can be varied depending on the colour choices. Even using white paint on coloured papers will create different effects again. Again, it is all just one big experiment of fun to see what designs you can create.

Handmade Cards
Handmade Cards


I have several upcoming workshops at Mclaren Unvaled. These continue the series of workshops I have developed looking at low cost ways to do art and crafts. I can also arrange private workshops, which can be customised to the skills you are wanting to learn. Contact me here for further details.

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A self employed artist living in idyllic Sellicks Beach in South Australia. Working in fused glass, mosaic, fabrics and printmaking. A variety of art is being sold around Adelaide, online and through exhibitions and workshops. There is a strong link between all art that is created and the natural environment. Having beautiful items in your home will enhance your quality of life and health. Buying local keeps local people employed, supporting artists creates stronger communities.

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