Box-making instructions

Box-making instructions, step by step photos

Tips and tricks for Box Making. Simple box-making instructions to make your own custom storage by using colourful papers and things found around the house. Part of the 30 Day Isolation Challenge for crafty ideas to keep children and adults busy.


  1. Sharp Cutting Knife and Cutting mat – These are essential to be able to cut the boards neatly to get a nice finish.
  2. Glue – PVA glue and Clag paste, I like to use PVA glue to form up the box structure and then a Half and half mixture of the PVA and Clag to glue the papers on.
  3. Steel Ruler – These are safer for using with the cutting knife and give more accurate markings.


  1. Papers: Thicker papers are easier to work with and reduce the risk or wrinkles. Good quality wrapping papers are a good option or scrapbooking papers. Rolls of paper are great for larger items.
  2. Glue Brush: Choose a brush that is a suitable size for the project, I usually have a larger brush and a smaller one. Choose softer brushers as they will spread the glue more evenly.
  3. Box Board or Paper Mache preformed boxes: You can buy boxboard and premade paper mache boxes from art suppliers and craft stores.
marb ws 6.jpg
Box with marbled paper details

Top Tip: Work at a comfortable speed, and only glue the area of paper you are about to glue down. You can make your cuts as you go for the corners and fiddly bits to get them more accurate and make a neater finish.

gel 3.jpg
Custom storage box

Experiment with different papers, felt linings etc. Each different combination will give different results and effects. You can use plain backgrounds and then add feature pieces to tie the top of the box to the base as well.

Other options: What about making a hinged box lid or a round box. Maybe make and insert for jewellery and cover with fabric or felt. Don’t forget you can also use the papers to make awesome origami boxes for quick gift boxes.

Step by step pictures for a basic project from scratch – box-making instructions

Used in the box-making workshops


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