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Box Making

Box making workshop details with artist Kay Whitmarsh. Working in small groups to give the gift of creative endeavour.

One of the most interesting things that I have learned to do is how to make boxes from scratch. I have made a variety of interesting boxes whilst working as a bookbinder. In the box making workshop I will teach others this interesting skill. My upcoming workshop is titled Decorative Paper craft and Box making, to be held in August at Mclaren Unvaled.

Once you have learned how to make one box from scratch then you will be able to make any shape or size box you would like. Some of my more interesting ones have been round boxes, like the old fashioned hat boxes and many different styles of file boxes. I find as an artist I am able to make my own portfolio folders and find solutions to many tricky storage problems.

Making paper covered boxes

The easiest boxes to make are paper covered boxes. I have photographed a step by step journey whilst making a box to give you an insight into how I make them. Many of my boxes have been used for special gifts or to give homemade goodies like chocolates and biscuits. This is where is it so good to be able to vary the size of them so easily. By customising the papers you can make some great brightly covered boxes to enhance your gifts. Equally to make great storage options for your home.

These photos show the progression of the box through its stages, from a flat sheet of card to finished box. Whilst working on the box with this type of paper there is some stretching of the paper when wet from the glue, but the wrinkles will disappear as the glue dries. It is great to make these bright and colourful boxes to fill with unique and interesting gifts.


My workshops for box-making covers many different techniques.

I will assist you with all the steps for making the box from scratch. Explain how to measure and cut the board and paper. In addition I will give you lots of tips and tricks on how to best cover the box to give a great finish, but still by using simple construction techniques. There will be tips on using different materials and working with different shapes. We will make a similar box to the one pictured in the series of photos.

I also like origami boxes and use these a lot for packaging and gifts. I will share some great ideas of how to use your own hand marbled or hand printed papers to create these great gift boxes.

As you can see I like to experiment with different shapes, textures and patterns. Pictured here are some boxes I have custom made in a variety of sizes. I find that a felt lining gives a great finish and softness to the interior of the boxes.


A self employed artist living in idyllic Sellicks Beach in South Australia. Working in fused glass, mosaic, fabrics and printmaking. A variety of art is being sold around Adelaide, online and through exhibitions and workshops. There is a strong link between all art that is created and the natural environment. Having beautiful items in your home will enhance your quality of life and health. Buying local keeps local people employed, supporting artists creates stronger communities.

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